Dec 012002
Authors: Danny Hadley

To the Editor:

Why was Rebecca LaPole’s article (“Mary Jane” Thursday, Nov. 21) in the newspaper? To inform us? To be controversial? To show how many pot-related terms Rebecca knows? I couldn’t figure it out. Perhaps the article would have been more effective if it: a) had a point; b) contained sentences that made sense; c) used correct grammar; and d) didn’t make outrageous, un-attributed claims. My favorite ridiculous claim was that pot is “America’s favorite illegal activity.” My “favorite illegal activity” is poaching llamas; what makes Rebecca LaPole the authority when it comes to recreational law-breaking? And the point of this article? I already know that a lot of people smoke pot. I already know that drug policy is lax. I learned nothing from this article, and the only thing shocking about it is that it made its way to the pages of a respected college newspaper.

Danny Hadley

Sophomore, Technical Journalism

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