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Authors: Megan Fromm

This year, Frank Wright will not spend Thanksgiving with his family.

One of his daughters, Denise, who attends the University of Colorado, will be in Illinois with her mother. Wright’s other daughter, Susan, who graduated from CSU last year, is serving with the Peace Corps in Africa. Wright’s third daughter, Michelle, was a junior at Denver University when she was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Wright, who is now a practicing physician of emergency medicine, missed many a Thanksgiving serving in the Navy. But he refuses to spend this holiday alone. Instead, he is holding a dinner at his mountain estate just north of Fort Collins for any students who wish to come.

“I know I feel bad I can’t be with my daughters,” Wright said. “So I am trying to make up for it by doing something here.”

Wright knows many students, especially at large universities, cannot trek the sometimes hundreds of miles it takes to get home for the short break.

“Sometimes you don’t get to go home, which is depressing,” he said. He said he hopes the traditional turkey dinner he plans on preparing will bring the comforts of home to out-of-state students.

The dinner will include turkey and all the trimmings such as potatoes, stuffing, dressing, corn, pies and Wright’s favorite, bread pudding.

“I’m actually a pretty good cook,” he said, adding that students who wish to help prepare the dinner are more than welcome.

While alcohol will not be served, Wright said students over 21 can bring their own, asking only that those who drink do not drive home. The house, with a great room and fireplace, has plenty of room to house students who need to stay the night.

Hopefully, Wright can create a Thanksgiving as picturesque as Norman Rockwell’s illustration of “Freedom From Want,” which poses a family laughing and conversing as an elderly woman in an apron sets a golden turkey on the table.

“That’s what I want,” Wright said. “It’s a tradition that families get together over Thanksgiving and Christmas. If (students) can’t be with their family, they can be with an alternate family. They can come join me and my family (of students).”

“But,” he said, “I refuse to wear an apron.”

To RSVP and for directions or information, call 970-231-6446 or e-mail Wright at

What: Thanksgiving dinner

Where: estate home of Dr. Frank Wright

Info: Call 970-231-6446 to RSVP by Wednesday or for directions

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