Nov 212002
Authors: Jon Ackerman

I love my family, I really do. And I miss them. A little.

But not nearly enough to miss a CSU football game. Feel the same way? You should.

Let’s get over the fact that we just plain got hosed with our schedule. First, we only play five of 13 games at home, and then they tell us the last two are sandwiched into Thanksgiving break.

Now that wouldn’t be a problem if CSU were a top 20 team and a school with 77 percent in-state students. Oh, wait – we are.

Yet getting fans to these last two games looks to be a problem. If you ask me, Saturday’s game against New Mexico – a.k.a. the Mountain West Conference championship – should have been sold out weeks ago. Instead, if you get a ticket for Saturday (which, embarrassingly, there are plenty of), they’re begging you take one for the last game.

Until Miami or Ohio State or Oklahoma makes a visit to Fort Collins, winning the league championship at home appears to be our only justification for rushing the field. Granted, a win over a 6-5 team is really no reason to tear down the goal posts, but we’ll take any chance we can get.

At least those of us who stick around.

Seriously, why would you go home before Saturday’s game? And why wouldn’t you get back up here before the next Saturday’s game, against UNLV to close out the regular season? Your family will be there all week. Your parents will still try to impose a curfew and you’ll still stumble home at 3 a.m. The sooner you go home, the sooner you deal with them.

Why not stay up here, party crazy for the game, and go home in time to watch the Broncos don their new unis on Sunday? There are no tests to worry about, no projects due. And then come back Saturday morning for the UNLV game, with all day Sunday to do some work.

We want a new stadium, but the only way that’s gonna happen is if we put Hughes Stadium over capacity as often as we skip class.

This is looking to be the best CSU football team ever. Wins in these last two games make the Rams the first CSU team to ever finish the year unbeaten in league. Another win in the bowl game, and the Rams are the first CSU team to ever win 12 games in one season. All that will surely put them better than No. 14 in the nation, which is the highest ranking a CSU team has ever ended the year with.

Don’t you want to be a part of that?

“Hopefully we can get a good turnout this weekend, I’d love for it to be packed,” wide receiver Chris Pittman wishes. “So hopefully the students stay an extra day or so. At least for this game.”

That’s sad. The best wide receiver on one of the best teams in the country not sure if he’ll have good fan support at one of the biggest games in the school’s history.

His teammate seems to be a little more optimistic.

“We played over Thanksgiving before, and even if it’s not a packed house you know there’s going to be drunk people yelling and screaming,” linebacker Drew Wood said.

This is true, but there won’t be nearly as many drunks as there could be.

I’m excited to see my family, I really am. I haven’t seen them in a couple months. So I told them to come up here.

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