Nov 202002
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Christopher J. Ortiz

Nokhu On Canyon is Fort Collin’s newest addition to the booming restaurant scene. Opening three months ago at 211 West Canyon Ave, Nokhu has a different approach to dining. Theo Otte, co-owner and chief of Nokhu, described the food at Nokhu as exciting and fun to eat.

To start off with, the look of the restaurant is very distinctive. Otte described the restaurant as having a retro 60s vibe. The style of the restaurant is refreshing especially when most new restaurants try to impress their guests with flashy patterns and fabrics. I think people that come into Nokhu are going to find the setting refreshing, but elegant.

Something diners might notice at first glance is a huge vault door. Though it does not exactly fit with the style of the restaurant, it is something you often do not get to see when dining. The vault, left over from a bank that resided before the building was home to Nokhu, leads into a small, single-table room that used to be the vault. The room is usually reserved for small parties.

Nokhu also takes a different approach to how guests order their meal. Instead of the usual order of first appetizers, then salad, main meal and finally desert; Nokhu has gone away with appetizers with smaller portions of their meals; allowing guests to try several smaller dishes instead of being stuck with one large plate. So now if you want to try rock shrimp egg rolls, blue crap cakes and seared prawns, you can try all three in one meal instead of just having one for a main meal.

The name of the restaurant itself is unique. The name has a Native American connection. Nokhu is an Arapahoe word meaning “eagle’s nest.”

Instead of having a typical wine list with popular names, Otte and the restaurant have taken a different route and filled their list with names that might not be so recognizable with guests. To encourage people to try different wines, on Tuesday nights wine is half off.

Though I was not able to sample the food at Nokhu, I was impressed with the unique approach Nokhu On Canyon took on dining and I’m sure if the food is close to the great dining experience the restaurant offers, then it would have been enjoyed.

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