Nov 172002
Authors: Willow Welter

Recycle ‘Round the Plaza, an event organized by various environmental organizations, clubs and community members, educated students and faculty about recycling on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday in honor of American Recycle Day.

Members of one CSU student organization, Action Awareness, sat at a table piled with seven garbage bags filled with recyclable items that members had collected from campus trash cans the nights before.

Mae Pugett, one of the 20 active members involved in Action Awareness, explained that she and other members went “dumpster diving” around campus to demonstrate how students and staff throw many recyclable items into trash cans rather than recycling bins.

“There are usually recycle containers right next to the trash cans,” said Pugett, a junior sociology major.

Jenna Glass, another member of Action Awareness, said the group’s goal at Recycle ‘Round the Plaza was to encourage people to “make that extra toss” into the recycle bins. They also distributed information to passersby who stopped at their table.

“We absolutely could have had more interest today,” Pugett said. “But just being here and raising awareness sparked people’s interest and made them think.”

Glass, a freshman natural resources major, agreed, adding that their group also concerns itself with global warming, peace and other social issues.

Members of Action Awareness have been working on persuading all academic departments at CSU to switch to 30 percent recycled paper. They will also hold a global warming awareness rally in January.

“Maybe next time (students) are reaching for the trash with an aluminum can,” Pugett said, “they’ll think twice about it.”

HEADLINE PEEPS: the story is about how for American Recycle day, which was Friday, Nov 15, two or three groups from campus set up tables on the plaza to educate people and encourage them to recycle. They called it “Recycle ‘Round the Plaza.”

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