Nov 142002
Authors: Helyna Bledsoe

Trekking to school in the cold isn’t always a highlight for CSU students, especially when patches of ice overtake the sidewalk. Some students don’t feel very safe.

“I think they should put down salt before eight in the morning,” said Amanda Lloyd, freshman human development and family studies major. “They should scrape (the sidewalks) earlier and salt them earlier.”

CSU doesn’t use standard salt on its sidewalks because it is too damaging to the cement. Instead, CSU uses a type of salt known as magnesium chloride, said Doug Nagel, CSU facilities manager.

“Magnesium chloride is not as harsh on the sidewalk,” said Nagel.

CSU doesn’t salt all the sidewalks on campus. The university salts the primary walks first, such as the sidewalks in front of the Lory Student Center and Morgan Library.

CSU tries to make things safe and easy for those students walking to their early morning classes on freezing days.

“The first thing we do is broom the sidewalk,” said Nagel “We start (sweeping sidewalks) at three in the morning.”

Aside from the hydraulic brooms used to brush sidewalks, CSU uses three trucks with rubber on their blades to scrape larger areas such as the plaza, Nagel said.

“Generally, the maintenance is pretty good. They could get the ice off before it is several inches thick,” said Molly Schmidt, a freshman space engineering major.

For the most part, students take the patches of ice with a grain of salt.

“I haven’t fallen yet,” Schmidt said.

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