Future magazine journalist?

Nov 132002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Seth Davis grew up without a father. He was born in Idaho and was raised by his mother. They moved to Washington when he was 2-years-old and then settled in Broomfield, Colo. when he was 10 (due to changes in his mom’s job).

He is a technical journalism major and his goal is to write for magazines one day.

“It would be cool to be sent all over the country to cover stories,” he said.

Davis started out as a Pre-Vet major, but could not picture himself going through 8-to-10 years of school. He also discovered that he enjoyed writing best.

“I suck at math and science,” he said.

Davis is graduating next December. Although he is ready to leave CSU, he still has anxiety regarding the future.

“I am worried about finding a job,” he said.

If he could change one aspect of his college career when reflecting back, he would do his first semester differently.

“I did too much socializing and not enough with books,” Davis said.

Although his GPA was a borderline 1.0 freshman year, he still remembers his wonderful dorm life days in Corbett Hall. One fond memory was when his R.A., who also happened to be the president of ASCSU, took his entire floor to the Adult Book Ranch. He said that everyone living on his floor was kind of “out there.”

The greatest event Davis has to look forward to this upcoming Spring Semester is joining the Crew Team. It is the first year CSU will sponsor a rowing team that will practice in Horsetooth Reservoir. Davis looks forward to competing against other schools.

Davis considers himself quite open-minded. He finds great interest in learning about other cultures and their music and art. He has already studied the cultures of Italy and Africa through history books and the Internet.

Davis currently works for the City of Broomfield where he mows parks. He saves his money for trips, Spring Break, fun and entertainment. His favorite weekend activities include going out with friends and looking for girls. His favorite bar is Zydecos and he always seems to end up there at the end of his party nights.

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