Nov 132002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

Preview two battling bands at Archer’s this weekend. FatKnuckleJack will be performing at their CD release party Friday. Talent Buyer Chris K of Archer’s has called FatKnuckleJack “One of the most impressive contemporary rock bands to come out of Fort Collins in years … both in their presentation and repertoire, which is filled with stunning original music… and some of the finest modern rock covers to come along …” The quartet of singers, guitarists and drummer are a battling machine. Not only participating in the Scene’s Battle of the Bands on Sunday at Linden’s from 4:15-4:45 p.m., the group has also been chosen for the Post-News Battle of the Bands coming up in Denver. They are a hard working band who prides themselves on their respectful attitudes. Come out for a good time with one of Fort Collins’ top bands tomorrow night!

Archer’s is then hosting Xiren’s CD release party Saturday. Xiren hails from Denver now since moving from Detroit in 1996. His eclectic style, terrific live band and skilled tenor voice overcomes audiences and assures critics that he will be famous someday. His 2001 album “Bullets & Rainbows” shows his collaboration of styles and unique flavor of electronic sounds. Xiren will perform from 3:30- 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Scene Battle of the Bands. Doors open at 9 p.m., there is a $5 cover charge for this 21 and up show.

For more information, call Archer’s at 970-223-1195

Small Surfside Demonstrates Diversity

Located in the bar district of Old Town, Surfside 7 hides away on College Avenue tucked next to The Vault. Hosting several exciting live acts throughout the year, their atmosphere is always laid back and fun. Different bands stopping in bring their audience of followers and a diverse crowd. The bar is probably the smallest venue in Fort Collins and very often becomes completely packed with people. The regular frequenters of the bar have their own style of leather jackets and punk rock, like new-style greasers. Surfside’s unique atmosphere, “swell food” and cheap drinks provide a cool backdrop. With a diver floating from the ceiling, random local artwork covering the walls, pictures of the staff and an eclectic jukebox, anyone can find a comfortable niche to relax and laugh.

Kimone performs at Surfside on Monday night. The five-member group from Boston recently released a CD and has a jam band style similar to Radiohead. Their mellow, soothing and strange sounds culminate to interesting indie rock music that surrounds you. This band will be great for Surfside as background music while enjoying $1 Rum and Cokes. Doors open at 9 p.m., there is a $2 cover charge for this 21 and up show.

For more information, call Surfside 7 at 970-221-4281.

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