Nov 112002
Authors: Aaron Harris

This letter is in response to the article esteemed sports writer, Jason Graziadei. In his column Wednesday I was shocked by his wisdom, knowledge of the game and the financial schematics behind college athletics. He recommended that the school build an on-campus stadium, so that the sober (yeah right) freshmen can go to the games, and give CSU the student support that the school deserves.

His assumptions are way off base, and have no logical argument. Some of the problems with putting a stadium on campus are that, if the stadium was put on campus over the intramural fields, baseball, softball and football practice fields, where would all of these teams go? If you simply got rid of the softball team you are no longer in compliance with Title IX (CSU went to the supreme court over that one). Where would all of the cars park/tailgate for the games? How can you justify a stadium in the heart of campus that is going to be used five times per year versus many more softball and baseball games, not to mention the 800+ intramural teams per year? This is a simple issue of a cost-benefit analysis.

How about the issue of traffic to and from the game? Shields Street is a war zone already; let’s add 20,000 cars to and from a game. What about the visual aesthetics of campus? I don’t know about you but I enjoy looking across campus and seeing the student center and the Lagoon. How about moving the dorms (sorry residence halls) out to the stadium, because freshmen don’t want to go to class anyways? Besides they always complain about how far the walk from Ellis is to class. Then the freshmen can get a shuttle from the stadium.

I bring up some alternative suggestions for stadium locations for you… How about the Oval? Who goes over there anyways? How about the Clark Building? Isn’t it ugly, and who really needs to go to class? How about we demolish Moby and the Towers and make one sports complex for football/basketball/volleyball and others. How about put the new stadium Z parking lot.

I think the more logical choice for a stadium would be to just simply expand the current stadium.

Aaron Harris



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