Nov 042002
Authors: Vince Blaser

Every Election Day brings people who are turned away from the polls and those who don’t even know where their polling place is.

Jan Kuhnen, elections manager for Larimer County, offered some tips to help alleviate common problems. If a voter thought they registered and never received a voter registration card with their polling place, Kuhnen said they could visit the Larimer County Web site at or call the Larimer County Clerk at 498-7820.

If a citizen is not on the registration list, he or she could still vote if there is a “Y” above “voter” on their driver’s license or state ID.

“They can go to their polling place and fill out a provisional ballot,” she said.

Kuhnen recommended the Web site as the best place to go to find your polling place; however, the clerk’s office will be taking calls all day.

“We’d like to see a lot of people turnout and vote,” she said.

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