Nov 042002
Authors: Dustyn Connelley

The earth offers many empowering things, one of which is our capacity in understanding our place in time through the seasons. Each season possesses different emotions and provokes a different energy reminding us of who we are and what lies in our capabilities.

As a bitter winter approaches, the chilling air and vacant trees remind me of crisp days spent shivering, hustling to destinations and hanging Christmas lights on icicle overhangs. Winter is warmth from the fireplace, the smell of cookies baking, being lazy, snuggling up on the couch watching movies, snow globes and holiday music.

It’s remembering how exciting this time was when we were kids and still believed in Santa Claus. It’s how your mom would pack you into your moon-boots and stocking caps, making you so warm that once you got out into the yard to start building your snow man, you’d be sweating from the effort.

As the snow sprinkles above us, it’s day trips to the mountains to ski and snowboard, it’s snowball fights, hot chocolate and now as adults – it’s playing along with the excitement of innocent beliefs.

And just when you’re sick of scraping the inch of ice off of your car and tired of the cold chilling your bones, this miraculous thing happens – spring awakens. Just like the scene in Bambi where after months of hibernation animals start showing their faces and as the soft sun begins to melt the snow you can see life underneath.

Spring is freshness and growth, days warm enough to be outside, melodic trickling of water and flowers blooming. Spring brings birth of animals and allows us to watch them learn to walk or fly as they stay close to their protecting mothers. It’s the same energy as falling in love for the first time – excitement and newness, anticipation for what’s next.

Summer brings with it relaxation, intense heat, barbeques, pool parties, running through the sprinklers and fresh watermelon on your lips. Summer is in its essence – freedom and laziness.

The heat lingers well into the night as conversation consumes the front porch and times passes, slow like molasses. Summer is ice in your drinks as condensation forms, roller coasters and theme parks, endless miles for road trips, and ice cream trucks.

And then we witness the beauty of change once again as new colors penetrate into the leaves and they begin to gracefully fall. Autumn is deep reds and oranges, pumpkin patches, sweaters and scarves.

Autumn is playing in piles of leaves, being able to see your breath for the first time in months; it’s crisp mornings and irresistible energy. It’s looking forward to holidays spent with family, and it allows a simple transition to the bitter winter.

I am definitely one who is very aware of this course of change, and one who looks forward to each passing season as it reminds me that I am alive and I have made it through yet another year.

I watch closely what I have been through and recognize that the more that I learn and experience, the better I become. It’s an understanding that this world turns in ecstasy at your feet, and with that, you are given an immense power to recognize it and take control.

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