Nov 042002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Today is the day. The day many of you have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote and decide who should represent us and what issues should be handled what way. Here are a few reasons, we think, should convince you to get to the polls.

Reason number one:

College students are one of the most underrepresented groups in the United States. We have no lobbying presence in state and federal policy and we have been labeled “apathetic’ by many representatives and candidates. This is why we barely see candidates stumping at college campuses and why many candidates don’t worry about our needs when they invent their platform. As college students, we need to reverse this trend, and our first step is getting to the polls and making candidates acknowledge us.

Reason number two:

Things are close and we have the opportunity to drastically change who is in charge and what future policy will be. The U.S. Senate and U.S. House hang in the balance. Do we want the Republican to have all the power and freely make policy? Do we want that same power to go to Democrats instead? Or do we want a balance?

Reason number three:

We have our district, the 4th, open. Do we want Stan Matsunaka, who the Collegian has endorsed, because of his moderate position on issues and ability to make good sense policies for the changing area? Stan the man can help get certain things for this district that many of you might find important. Things like transportation dollars and higher education dollars. Or do we want Marilyn Musgrave? Both are very different and would have different agendas for the area we live in.

Reason number four:

Do we want other people making decisions for us? If we don’t vote, the people that do will determine what happens in our social world. Do we want people who don’t think like us and have the same needs as us to make our decisions? We sure hope not.

Reason number five:

There is no football and who parties on Tuesday? You have nothing better to do, so go out and vote.

While there are many more reasons than the five we listed, we hope those reasons are enough for you to take a few minutes and head to the polls. See you there!

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