Oct 282002
Authors: Dustyn Connelley

You see the thing with life is that you only get one chance, and every passing moment is an opportunity to make a difference. This is a conversation that my mom and I have had endless times, and it always comes back to the same question – when did we stop skipping, playing in the mud and giggling?

A few weeks ago my roommate and I were watching an Ellen Degeneres special on HBO and she addressed this very same idea. She was talking about similar things that I talked about a few weeks ago, how people go on with their daily routines, but she suggested that instead of just passing each other by – life should be one big game of tag.

Can you imagine?… well, first let’s start with a better question. Do you remember what that was like? That intense excitement, that fear that swells inside of you all because you’re worried about the little girl next door tapping your shoulder, spastically screaming, “YOU’RE IT!” and then running away.

Warm summer nights, red fresh on your cheeks, runny noses with grass stains on your gray sweatpants, crickets serenading in the background and the undying desire to stay out past dark, playing.

I mean really, whoever came up with this game was no genius, it’s insanely simple in its rules and regulations, but we got so into it and somehow it found its way into the juice of our young lives.

Okay now, can you imagine?

Everyone on the streets, in the grocery store or on campus is engaging in this huge game of tag. Young, old, lawyers, janitors, faculty, staff, students, anyone and everyone just going on their way about their daily lives, and then all of the sudden… “YOU’RE IT!” and chaos breaks out.

Do you know what better things we could do in life if everyday we were faced with that same stimulation and excitement that we got when we were kids? It’s just like coloring books and recess, creative ways of releasing that extra energy.

Only now we are adults and that excitement for life could be used to do such immense things.

The same ideas apply to skipping, playing in the mud and giggling. Having little kids around really opens your eyes and shows you what it is that you have forgotten and in the most innocent ways they are able to bring us back to that.

So why don’t we let go of the social norms and feelings of embarrassment? Let all of that go and instead of walking everywhere – start skipping. Instead of releasing the learned laugh that you have developed over time, let go and giggle, don’t just chuckle, but get those uncontrollable giggles that are just bursting with energy and life. Forget your paper work and promise yourself that at least once a day you’ll connect the dots or roll up your shirtsleeves, go outside and make mud cakes.

Every passing moment is an opportunity to make a difference, why not have fun while we are at it? Instead of grumbling at all of the things that we have to do day in and day out, why aren’t we begging to stay out later and play?

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