Oct 222002
Authors: Zac Wiggy

The Associated Students of CSU Student Funding Board allocated funds for the International Fest Monday and the ASCSU Student Fee Review Board heard a presentation for the Recreational Sports Department Tuesday.

The ASCSU funding board allocated $16,928 for the annual International Fest. This is the 49th time that the event has taken place at CSU. International Fest will run from Nov. 6th through 22nd.

The meeting took place Monday instead of Thursday, when the Funding Board’s meetings usually take place, to avoid conflicting with the CSU-Brigham Young football game.

The Recreational Sports’ presentation to the Student Fee Review Board was its annual fall presentation, where board members are given an opportunity to learn about the department before deciding on funding in the spring.

Club sports, intramural sports, instructional classes and the Student Recreation Center are ran by the Recreational Sports Department.

Currently, students pay $74.18 per semester in student fees to the Recreational Sports Department.

-Edited by Colleen Buhrer and Becky Waddingham

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