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Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Registration for spring classes begins on Monday for athletes and honor students and will continue through Nov. 16 when freshmen are allowed to register.

Steven Church, an academic adviser with the Help/Success Center, said there are a few changes that will take effect with spring registration.

This year registration will only be available online through RAMweb. Telephone registration will be closed beginning Friday.

In order to register, students must pick up their SMART forms from advisers. Church said the SMART form, which stands for Schedule Manager for Advising and Registration with Technology, is helpful.

“What it does for students that’s helpful is on one page it lists holds and a number they can call to fix it,” Church said. “(It also shows) their registration day and time.”

The SMART form also lists all the student’s classes and the personal access code (PAC) number that is needed for registration.

Holds on a student’s account may affect the registration process, but Church said most holds are resolved quickly.

“Holds are a way we can strongly encourage students to come and talk to us,” Church said. “Sadly, without holds, we don’t see a lot of the students.”

Church said while holds such as declaring a major can be quick, other holds, like parking tickets, may take longer to process.

Other changes that might affect students are new controls on majors and difficulty getting into classes of high demand, Church said.

Composition and first-year seminar classes filled up quickly with incoming freshmen, he said, which means some students are still looking to complete those requirements.

Most students seem to approve of the registration process.

“I’ve never had any problems,” said Lori Andersen, a junior biology major. “My counselor has been good about helping me.”

Andersen said she likes that the registration will be switching completely to an online process.

Corbin Todd, a sophomore open option student, also said he had never had any problems with registration.

“I don’t generally (talk to an adviser),” Todd said. “(But) they are usually helpful.”

Church said that students should have a plan in mind when they talk to an adviser.

“The most important thing for students is to be prepared,” Church said.

-Edited by Shandra Jordan, Colleen Buhrer and Becky Waddingham

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