Oct 072002
Authors: Melissa Pester

Stan Matsunaka (D-Loveland) has closed in on Marilyn Musgrave (R-Fort Morgan) in the race for the 4th Congressional District seat, according to a poll released by Lake Snell Perry and Associates Monday.

The poll was conducted through telephone surveys of 400 likely voters from Sept. 29 through Oct. 1. Each participant was chosen randomly from a file of registered voters in the district. However, the Matsunaka for Congress campaign funded the poll.

According to the poll, Matsunaka has closed in on Musgrave as her lead has fallen to five points standing at 40 percent to 45 percent-as apposed to the 15 point lead she held one month ago. This poll also reported information about the 13 percent-undecided votes and an estimated one percent planning to vote for the Libertarian candidate, John Volz.

This poll is one of three that have placed the two candidates in a close campaign-the Republicans funded two of those polls, said Jeff Bridges, communications director for the Matsunaka campaign. The poll had a margin of error of plus/minus 4.9 percent.

“If the results weren’t completely accurate they would not have been hired,” Bridges said.

Musgrave’s camp is not planning on making any changes to their campaign because of the poll.

“(Matsunaka’s) last poll showed they were four points behind, and this one shows they are five points,” said Musgrave’s campaign manager Guy Short. “According to our last poll in August it showed we were eleven points ahead.”

The poll reports that although the majority of registered voters in the 4th district are Republicans, the voters are responsive to Matsunaka’s “appealing personal biography and moderate issue profile.”

“We are doing everything right,” Bridges said. “Colorado working families deserve to learn about their candidates.”

Also, the majority of undecided voters in the 4th disticts describe themselves as Democrats or independents who typically are pro-choice on abortion-according to the poll Musgrave’s history of extreme anti-choice activism troubles them.

“I’m well known as a pro-life conservative,” said Musgrave to the Denver Post. “I will remain pro-life.”

However, Lake Snell Perry and Associates’ poll reported that nearly two-thirds of the undecided voters do not know enough about the candidates to properly rate their favor.

“We are going to continue to talk about the same things, Marilyn is going to keep voicing her opinion on the economy,” Short said.

-Edited Vince Blaser and Ben Koerselman

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