Sep 262002
Authors: Vince Adams

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

This year, there are many reasons to look forward to that first, pounding snowstorm. Colorado has been very dry this year and, in addition to hurting our water supplies and green lawns, it has hurt the economy because our ski season ended early.

So this year I am calling for an early heavy and wet snowstorm – which is weird considering those who know me know I hate – with a capital “H” – cold weather.

We need the snow to replenish what has been lost and maybe jumpstart the ski season and our economy.

But beyond those reasons, I have a dirty little reason to want an early dumping snow, and I want that snow to come next week.

Our friends Justice For All will be here all next week, and, no, they won’t forget those 20-foot billboards with graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.

For those here last spring, you surly remember; for those new around CSU this year, boy, are you in for a treat.

I am pro-choice and I think abortion should be legal, as it is now. However, I also appreciate the other side’s point of view and I understand how ugly abortion is. I hate abortion like I hate war, but both are necessary sometimes.

To most pro-lifers out there, I hear your message and actually agree with some of your points.

To Justice For All, I don’t agree with you guys at all.

You guys come to our campus, bombard us with these images, all in the name of proving a point. Sorry, but your point is lost with your presentation.

You guys show no class and I think you give most pro-lifers a bad name and image.

But I also understand that our plaza is a free speech zone and I welcome you here to make your case.

That doesn’t mean I can’t hope as much as I can that a huge blizzard comes and covers up your disgusting presentation. But you might have to actually make your points like the rest of us, with sound reasoning.

Allard and Strickland

Sorry guys, I am the biggest Bronco fan and a Rick Stanley supporter. Would you guys please get off my television and start doing what you are supposed to do: campaign for issues and focus on what each of you can do to better represent us, the people of Colorado.


We are Playboy’s No. 15 party school and it feels so good! My other columns when I dissed the University of Colorado for their rankings, well, I take it all back. We are on the list, baby!

Well, I am being a little sarcastic here, but I think these rankings can do something good for the school because a fun atmosphere is what attracts many students here.

Plus, this is from Playboy – so much better than Princeton’s party school rankings.

CU still ranks above us, though. We are 15th and they are sixth. We are sandwiched between Florida and Florida State. Go figure! I never thought we would be near the Florida schools in party rankings. I mean, they have Florida sunshine and the beach.

I welcome any response and I will print good responses, within reason.

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