Sep 252002
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Brian Jones, Physics Professor

It is not everyday one meets a professor who has received large electric shocks in the middle of lecture on three occasions.

Professor Brian Jones has taught physics at CSU for 14 years and has many “shocking” memories. One included demonstrating Newton’s Third Law by shooting himself across the room on a chair with a fire extinguisher. Right in front of the class, Jones was electrocuted when the voltage from the extinguisher became too highly charged.

Teaching General Physics I and General Physics II is only a portion of Jones’s busy schedule. Every Thursday, he participates in the Little Shop of Physics. It is a program that travels around Colorado and shows elementary school students how science is a part of everyday life with supervised labs.

Jones runs and stars in a local TV show with the Poudre Valley District. He conducts hands-on experiments and training, covering topics such as air pressure and electricity, with students of all ages. The show airs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

Jones has spread his knowledge of Physics all around the world. He has flown to Ethiopia, Chile and many other countries to talk with teachers on how to teach science to children. He shared many “magical moments doing science with kids” because he was able to communicate lessons without words (due to language barriers.)

The passion that Jones feels for science is clear for the eye to see. The entire back room of his office is filled with endless boxes containing scientific and medical gadgets that Jones enjoys collecting and using in experiments. Jones is a modest genius.

Jones was an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his masters degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy and Mathematics. He also met his wife in graduate school and 15 years later, the two are still married.

When Jones first arrived at CSU, he taught a modern physics lab and an electronics course for a few years. He now plans on sticking with general physics for a lengthy time.

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This Random Ram uncovered by Collegian reporter, Jodi Friedman.

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