Letter to the Editor

Sep 252002

I was very disturbed the other day when I read an article in “The Dish” section of last Thursday’s paper, entitled “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks.”

First of all, I think that the title was very irresponsible. Even though I am by no means a “fanboy” of Starbucks, I don’t feel that the Collegian should display headlines that openly discourage the patronage of any business.

My biggest problem with this article was the ridiculous selection of coffee shops that were given free advertising. For one, there are many coffee shops in this town and I feel it was unfair to only pick out three with no mention of any others (besides the negative connotation in the title).

I was more insulted that Colorado State University’s very own STUDENT FUNDED AND STUDENT RUN newspaper did not even mention Fort Collins’ very own STUDENT OWNED AND STUDENT RUN coffee shop. I am talking about MUGS Coffee Lounge.

McCabe Callahan has worked tirelessly for many months to bring his dream of owning and running the most student friendly coffee shop in town to life. MUGS has wireless internet, multiple computers, extremely comfortable couches, 2 study lounges, a friendly atmosphere, and student-friendly technology.

I was appalled not only that the Collegian could print such a narrow-scoped story, but also not tell students about the ONLY STUDENT OWNED AND STUDENT RUN coffee shop in town. Please, in the future, try to actually get out there and do some research for your stories, instead of just looking in the yellow pages.


Andrew Stewart


Speech Communication

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