Sep 252002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Wayne Allard and Tom Strickland battled it out on Meet the Press with Tim Russert, Sunday. The debate was not only over taxes or environment, but also, who better supports the Denver Broncos.

Allard started the fun by flashing a Brian Griese jersey on the show. A surprised, but fast-thinking Strickland then invited Russert to his house to watch the Broncos if they make it to this year’s Super Bowl.

Both then decided to use campaign resources to discuss why each other’s move was “disingenuous” or “desperate.”

Talk about ridiculous. Two Senate candidates are spending more of their time fighting over who is a bigger football fan as opposed to what really matters: where they stand on the issues such as health care, campaign finance reform, and the wars on Iraq and terrorism.

How childish is it to use a spot on a national television show to argue over who is the better Broncos fan or who is the lesser suck up? Grow up!

These candidates don’t seem to care much about the issues, instead they seem to care more about who is going to win the election and how.

This is not the first time these types of antics have been seen in this Senate race. The two have been going back and forth like the Colorado Buffaloes’ supposed, “Return to Dominance.”

Earlier in the year, Allard said he was an environmentalist because of things he voted for like making the Great Sand Dunes National Monument a national park. Strickland countered by saying Allard has terrible environmental voting and is on the “dirty dozen” list of the worst environmental voters in Congress.

Discussions over the environment and other issues are what are truly needed in this, the closest of Senate races this year. An embarrassing television stunt like this shows nothing but desperation.

Colorado’s Senate candidates are engaging in Hail Mary tactics as they reach the proverbial two-minute warning in their drive for victory. If they keep this up, they both might fumble the ball before election day.

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