Sep 182002
Authors: Oliver Cook

For those of you who watch MSNBC, Fox News, or any of the other corporate news agencies on a regular basis, you probably saw Ashley Banfield’s interview with the woman claiming to be Saddam Hussein’s mistress. She made some rather outrageous, though not completely improbable claims regarding Hussein’s hiding of weapons of mass destruction during the previous round of weapons inspectors as well as his supposed lack of sanity.

The reason why I bring up the interview with this woman is that it illustrates one of two things:

1.) The corporate controlled media has run out of insightful stories to cover and important people to interview. I have to hesitate a little on this point. “Big-Business News” is highly sensationalized, but it has not yet sunk to the depths of daytime talk shows.

2.) She could potentially have some insight into the workings of the corrupt, dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein’s government. If what this woman has said is true, then Saddam and his cronies have all along been concealing a secret cache of chemical and biological weapons from international arms inspectors. What that could further mean is that for the past several years Saddam has been preparing for this moment (as any cunning dictator would), knowing that if he simply had the right amount of time to prepare he could very easily conceal his stash of weapons of mass destruction.

Well then…

Now that weapons inspectors are supposedly going to be allowed back into Iraq, the United States is still preparing for war.

The regional military buildup is continuing unabated and the hawks in government are still calling for war.

I really cannot find a legitimate reason for this continued desire to end tens of thousands of lives in an unnecessary war.

Of course there is the possibility, and the evidence that Saddam has rebuilt his chemical and biological weapons program. I don’t feel that the United States has a lot to lose by allowing weapons inspectors, in addition to the United States intelligence operatives that Scott Ritter claimed on national news to have accompanied the inspectors the first time in Iraq, into the country to at least see what is actually going on in the country. For all anybody who is not on the ground knows, these factories could be enormous baby-food production facilities.

Of course I believe that about as much as I believed it the first time Iraq pulled it out of their bag of excuses.

The fact is that we really cannot trust Saddam Hussein, whether it is due to his track record of breaking promises or the testimony of his supposed mistress. We cannot, however, continue with this agenda of warfare proposed by Bush as it will ultimately lead to disaster, whether through the inevitable destruction of a full-fledged war in the Middle East or the disastrous precedent that will be established declaring that state sovereignty is unimportant and can be disregarded by the world.

Let’s see what develops over the next few months and then decide if Saddam still needs to be replaced.

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