Sep 182002
Authors: Patrick Crossland

Contained open fires are now permitted in Larimer County.

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners voted Tuesday for an easement in Larimer County fire restrictions, according to a release. Contained open fires are now permitted, allowing fires in “permanently constructed (stationary) masonry or metal fireplaces,” the release stated.

Open fires, such as the use of stone fire rings, remain prohibited, as do the use of fireworks in the unincorporated portions of Larimer County. Open fires include welding, operating a torch with an open flame and burning of irrigation ditches except where approved. Smoking is permitted only in an enclosed vehicle, building or developed recreation site.

Any person who knowingly violates a fire ban commits a class two petty offense and if convicted, is subject to fines up to $1,000 for each separate offence. Anyone who believes they should be exempt from the fire regulations should contact their local fire department or the Larimer County Sheriff’s office at (970) 498-5300.

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