Sep 172002
Authors: Zac Wiggy

The ASCSU Student Fee Review Board met Tuesday and heard a presentation from the Counseling Center, its first presentation of the semester.

The Counseling Center provides several services for students, including clinical services such as counseling, training for professors and graduate students, campus community services, and academic services.

The center’s counseling services, available around the clock, are well-known among the student population. Fewer students are aware of the synergy that exists between the Counseling Center and the psychology department at CSU.

“Most of the time counseling centers and psychology departments have a very strained relationship,” said Charles Davidshofer, director of the Counseling Center. “We’re very unique in that we have a very close relationship with the department.”

CSU’s counseling center receives some funding from the classes it teaches for the psychology department, but is mostly funded by student fees.

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