Sep 122002
Authors: Colleen Buhrer

For all of the good citizens in Fort Collins who are planning to vote in this year’s elections, I feel bad for you.

The two main candidates running for the House of Representatives are not necessarily the best people for the job.

Let’s start with Marilyn Musgrave. She is a conservative Republican, whose important issues include fighting for permanent tax reductions, protecting social security and defending farmers and ranchers from out of control Washington regulators.

In the 4th District (Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland) these are somewhat viable issues, but how much do they really matter to students on the CSU campus?

When politicians talk about tax reductions they typically mean in the area of income taxes that are paid in April. They have nothing to do with the $80 or more that are always taken out of my little paycheck. Thus, that is an issue that doesn’t really matter to most college students.

Social security would be a good issue to worry about protecting if any of us had any hope in actually having social security by the time we are old enough to retire. As for me, all hope is gone.

Members of the Collegian staff have attempted to contact Musgrave and her campaign office several times, to no avail. The first attempt failed because, as it turns out, her entire campaign staff had gone to Mexico – apparently to appeal to their constituents there. Of course, no one would be back in time to provide any information for the student paper.

Another unsuccessful attempt managed to get Musgrave on the phone for a brief minute. The reporter was unfortunately told that she was about to call Washington and that he must call her back in an hour. When the hour passed and the second call made, she was in a meeting.

This tells me that Musgrave is apparently not very interested in the student vote. She has made no attempt to make her intentions known to the student population and has had almost no dealings with the student paper.

Now, on to Stan Matsunaka, the Democratic candidate. This provides at least a little more hope.

Matsunaka’s issues of interest include, effective and practical transportation solutions, quality education for children and accessible and affordable health-care for low-income families.

Like Musgrave, some of these issues are not very important to college students. Quality education for children means nothing to those of us in secondary education. When are they going start trying to provide more government funding for universities instead of just raising tuition when the school needs more money. The Board of Governors of the CSU system, allocated the money that CSU is given. Thus it would not be very hard for a representative for an agricultural district like this one to petition for the school to be given more money.

Another issue in Matsunaka’s campaign is his efforts for effective and practical transportation solutions. Is he looking for solutions along the lines of making highways and roads bigger, or is he looking into improving the mass transit system in Fort Collins?

The latter would be a good thing, but who knows if that is what he is thinking because the candidates are not specific in their campaigns, for fear of angering potential voters.

My last concern with Matsunaka is that he appears to be a bit power hungry. He was initially running for governor, but the Democrats, along with Matsunaka, realized he would probably lose that race, so he decided to run for this district’s House seat.

If I had to choose, I would pick Matsunaka, but lucky for me I vote in Littleton where my parents live.

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