Sep 102002
Authors: Craig Bonnot

Due to safety concerns, students living in the residence halls at CSU will have fewer entrances to the halls this year.

Beginning this year, students will only be able to enter the residence halls through the front door as opposed to previous years when most of the doors remained unlocked during the day, said Dave McKelfresh, the director of residence life, housing and food services at CSU.

“This year there’s blocked access to the arcade so residence will use their key to access the living area,” McKelfresh said.

During the day, students, who want to use the cafeteria or arcade, will be able to enter halls through the front door; however, only residents of that particular hall will be able to go to the other wings where their rooms are located.

“In halls like Braiden, there are entrances through the front door, and there are at least two other doors that they can enter the arcade through,” McKelfresh said. “One on the north side and one on the south side. So if students are going to take out the trash they can enter through those doors.”

Residents will also not be able to enter the halls through the doors on the side of the halls.

“The fire tower doors are emergency exits only,” McKelfresh said. Those doors are located at the bottom of the stairwell at the corners of the halls.

The service doors, which are on the sides of the halls, are locked and can only be used as exits from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. A few other changes were made in order to increase safety.

“We’ve gone to 24 hour desks,” McKelfresh said, “so the residence hall desks are open 24 hours a day. We also have two RAs (resident advisors) on staff at the residence halls and there is increased CSUPD foot patrol.”

He went on to say that the changes were designed to make students feel safer.

“We only want the residents living in the halls and their guests to access the living areas,” he said. “A non-resident is not going to be able to walk in the hall or walk in the living area. If they’re not accompanied by a resident, they’ll be asked to leave.”

McKelfresh said these policies are unlikely to discourage residence from having guests.

“If you have a guest come (over) you go down to meet them,” he said. “It’s sill easy for guests to visit. They just have to be accompanied by a person that’s living there.”

Students living in the halls were surveyed about their feelings regarding the new changes and the majority of students said they felt safer with these changes, McKelfresh said.

Amber Daniel, an RA at Edwards Hall said she believed that the changes are good for the halls overall.

“I think they’re inconvenient, but with what happened in the towers last year there definitely had to be something done,” she said.

Residents living in the halls had mixed feelings about the changes.

“I think it’s fine; however I do wish we could enter through the fire exit with a key,” said Becca Frazee, a freshman psychology major.

Other residents living in the residence halls like the changes.

“It makes me feel safer,” said Jamie Gulic, a freshman applied human sciences major.

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