Letter to the Editor 1

Sep 102002

Dear Editor,

I was truly appalled that the Rocky Mountain Collegian printed the horrendous cartoon of the Twin Towers burning in the Sept. 10 issue.

With the printing of such a cartoon on the eve of a day of horrible sadness, I truly wonder if those who approved such a picture have a soul at all.

With such a cartoon, the Collegian is giving praise to those who took the lives of so many innocent humans and put a dent in our American history forever.

At such a time of mixed emotions, we, as Americans, should instead be reminded of those that unselfishly gave their lives to save others, and our privileged freedom that was the very cause of this incident.

If at all possible, the Collegian should find their souls, and actually use them before printing future cartoons.

Amanda Belles


Intra University

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