Sep 092002
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

On the anniversary of last year’s tragedies, New York City is planning to commemorate the victims of Sept. 11 by having leaders read past speeches, like Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address,” at the Ground Zero site.

This was done because organizers wanted to assure no politician could use the emotion of the event for political gain.

Sound idea: no politician should use this event as a way to make any political points or gain any advantage politically.

But what does this say about the people who represent us? How sad is it that we have to account for dirty politicians who seize any opportunity they can just to win an office?

We have reached not only an anniversary of a tragedy; we have completed the first year of a changed world.

When we need them most, it seems, we can’t trust our politicians, even in a time when we need our politicians to work for us and protect us from dangers that we became painfully aware of last year. We need sound domestic and international policy from our leaders, not politicians worried about winning an election. We need to be united, and using Sept.11 emotion as political springboard divides the country.

The world has changed, but some of our elected officials have not.

However, we shouldn’t use old speeches for this event. “The Gettysburg Address” is for a different era, a different situation and a different time.

We think a fire fighter, a policeman, a family member of someone who was lost or, possibly, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is no longer a politician and seems to symbolize America as the towers once did, should commemorate this day with a speech for the ages – one that echoes the greatness of American resolve.

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