Sep 032002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Members of the Fort Collins City Council will attend the Associated Students of CSU meeting tonight to hear student views on a possible city smoking ordinance.

The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Senate Chambers are located in the northeast corner of the Lory Student Center, across from the ASCSU offices. All students are encouraged to come to the meeting to give input on the ordinance, which would prohibit smoking in all restaurants, bars and in a 20-foot perimeter outside of enclosed areas.

Attending the meeting is also a good way for students to see what the association is doing for them and what they have to offer, said Cord Brundage, a senior in zoology and director of campus outreach.

“ASCSU is a really important entity on campus,” Brundage said. “We speak on behalf of students.”

Amanda Belles, a junior in intra-university studies and a senator for the program, encourages students to also visit the ASCSU offices.

“Come in and talk to us,” Belles said. “Don’t be scared.”

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