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Authors: Patrick Crossland

A new program to clean up Colorado’s highways is currently under evaluation and could bring corporate sponsors and private contractors together to execute it.

The Corporate Sponsorship Program, a division of the Adopt A Highway Program, is aimed at achieving significant litter control along Colorado’s high traffic areas at no cost to taxpayers.

“This could bring in a million dollars in litter control,” said Ed Fink, maintenance operations superintendent at the Colorado Department of Transportation. “It’s basically a business opportunity and taxpayers get out of it no cost on litter control.”

It is the responsibility of the cooperate sponsor to hire out a contractor to be in charge of litter maintenance along the designated stretch of highway. The amount donated by the corporate sponsor varies, as does the amount of highway the company is responsible for. The program also mandates that the sponsor is accountable for the entire area assigned to them.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Web site, corporate sponsors have to bear the responsibility of litter pickup, traffic control and all supplies at no cost to CDOT. The actual removal of litter will be performed by professional litter control companies.”

In return, the corporate sponsor will be required to put up and maintain a 54-inch by 43-inch sign acknowledging their contribution to the program. Only the company’s logo and acknowledgment of their contribution is allowed on the signs — no advertisement, Web addresses or phone numbers of any kind are permitted.

The signs would resemble small, non-reflective construction signs and would have a blue parameter. The amount of miles the corporation has opted to maintain will be noted above a 20-inch area that will be designated for the company’s logo. The signs would be placed as close as passable to the starting point of the designated litter control area and would be seen once every mile assuming the stretch of highway is adopted by a cooperation.

Currently, funding for highway litter control comes from tax dollars.

“We spend millions [on litter control] and this is a way to have no expense to taxpayers,” said Stacy Stegman, director of public relations at CDOT. “It’s one simple logo and in turn, a corporation would pay a private contractor to remove litter.”

The Corporate Sponsorship Program would be limited to certain areas where traffic levels are high.

“It’s not a statewide program,” Stegman said. “It’s limited to urban or high traffic areas where Adopt A Highway Programs are not allowed.”

The Corporate Sponsorship Program will remain under evaluation for several weeks. Highway travelers should not expect to see any signs of the program for several months.

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