Aug 292002
Authors: Megan Fromm

Twenty-five bicycles recovered after being stolen and pawned remain unclaimed at the CSU Police Department, said Detective Eric Lintz.

This summer, approximately 50 bicycles stolen during the 2001-2002 school year were retrieved by CSUPD after being located at pawnshops, bicycle shops and inside the house of the offenders.

About half have been returned to owners after being correctly identified, and those that are not claimed within two months will be labeled for auction in the spring, Lintz said. However, no new bicycles have been recovered since the initial find in July.

“If you’ve already contacted us, and we didn’t have your bike, we don’t have it now,” he said.

Lintz is asking students whose bicycles were stolen last spring to e-mail the police office with a description of the bicycle including brand, model and color as well as a serial number and any special equipment. His e-mail address is

He also asks e-mails include a relative time frame in which the theft occurred and from where the bicycle was stolen.

“We will check the inventory and e-mail you back to set up a time to identify the bike,” Lintz said. “We also will respond if we don’t have the bike and will file the e-mail for future reference.”

Lintz said he stresses people e-mail instead of call the station in order to keep phone lines clear and to be more accurate and efficient with the information.

To prevent further bicycle theft, Lintz said he recommends students use U-locks and lock the frame of the bicycle, not the front tire, to the bicycle rack. He also suggests registering all bicycles with the CSUPD, which makes recovering and returning stolen property much easier.

Any questions about stolen bicycles on campus should be e-mailed to Detective Eric Lintz of CSUPD. His address is

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