Aug 292002
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Initial plans to extend the passing period between classes from 10 minutes to 15 have been put on the backburner for now.

CSU’s Faculty Council and Associated Students of CSU had been in talks about extending the 10-minute passing period between Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes to 15 minutes. For now the ASCSU cabinet has stopped pursuing the issue, but it may arise again in senate over the next few weeks, said David Bower, president of ASCSU.

“Dr. (David) Allen, head of Faculty Council, came to me at the end of last year, interested in looking at changing the class schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to include a 15-minute passing period,” Bower said. “What I told him at that time was it was very difficult for us to look at it, let alone make a decision about it on the last week of school,”

Bower said ASCSU needs time to look at the issue before deciding it was beneficial to students. Also, he feels that research will need to be conducted in order to discern how students feel about the issue.

David Allen, head of Faculty Council could not be reached for comment.

“(ASCSU) did a little bit of research about it, and talked about it at the retreat (earlier this month)… because of the timeline, we needed to have made a decision late August, early September to go ahead with an implementation for fall of next year,” Bower said. “What ASCSU decided was we need substantial time to look into the issue.”

Some students think the passing period extension would be a good thing, or were at least sympathetic to other students who may have longer walks between buildings.

“I could use more time between classes,” said Tracy Hanzel, an open-option sophomore. “If you have classes on the other side of campus, you don’t get much time or even a break between classes.”

Brian Wilkerson, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering agreed.

“I don’t think it would be worth the time because all my classes are close together, but I guess if students need to get across campus than it is worth the time,” he said.

Bower discussed the merits and disadvantages of the proposal.

“There are merits to the issue, we would be helping students who are possibly disabled get to classes on time, or students walking to buildings across campus,” Bower said. But he added that he wants to answer the question of whether the change would be “benefiting all the students or… only benefiting students who want to stay for an extra smoke break.”

Another disadvantage to the extension is it would add approximately 45 minutes to the Monday, Wednesday and Friday class schedule.

Bower also brought up the issue of the new extended passing period coordinating with the bus schedule.

He anticipates that the ASCSU senate will discuss this matter further in the next few weeks.

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