Aug 282002
Authors: Helyna Bledsoe

The Associated Students of Colorado State University 2002 Pacesetters selection process is about to start.

Pacesetters is a program that was established to recognize the exceptional students that attend Colorado State University. Pacesetters are the students that help keep CSU running smoothly and enhance campus life.

An individual must be involved in community and student activities, as well as maintain a high GPA in his or her classes to be considered a Pacesetter.

“Pacesetters are well-rounded students,” commented Jessica Chavez, ASCSU vice president.

Campus groups and organizations may nominate one candidate from their organization. A panel of five to six CSU students headed by the ASCSU vice president will select five to seven winners.

The committee will begin reviewing applications and nominations on Sept. 17 and all applicants will be notified of their status on Sept. 23. Those applicants proceeding to the next stage of the selection process will then be asked to write an essay and go through an interview.

Being selected as a pacesetter is a privilege “because (nominees) are recognized as some of the top students overall,” said Chavez.

Stephanie Plattel, junior computer science major, feels that, “(A Pacesetter) should give back to the community, have good grades, and be a hard worker.”

However, Mike Schneider, also a junior computer science major, feels that nominating a Pacesetter should be based on “more than just academics. They should be involved in organizations such as outdoor sports and have knowledge about the campus and its history.”

Winners will be riding in the Homecoming parade, recognized at the Homecoming ceremonies during halftime of the football game, and will attend special dinners and activities.

Applications and nomination forms for someone that you or your organization feel is an exceptional student, leader and person are available at the information desk or the ASCSU reception desk. Anyone is welcome to apply for this prestigious honor or nominate someone that they feel has a combination of positive academic, extra-curricular, and community accomplishments.

Applications and nomination forms must be completed and returned to the ASCSU administrative assistant by 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 17. For more details contact Jessica Chavez at 491-5931.

Candidates must meet the following criteria to be eligible for consideration:

1. Be a full-time student

2. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher

3. Have attended CSU at least two years

(Graduate students will be considered if they have been at CSU for two or more years.)

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