Aug 282002
Authors: Alicia Leonardi

With their parents miles away and no classroom obligations in sight, CSU Freshmen Jenelle Newberg and Patrick Dimagiba have finally found freedom. Now they just need to find out what to do with it. After practicing with the marching band since 5 a.m., both are showing signs of exhaustion. Despite their tiredness, neither is about to miss out on their first Saturday night as genuine college students.

7:00 p.m.: Jenelle and Patrick calmly observe the last of the Ramfest activities, a concert at the lagoon put on by ASCSU. The pair met through marching band because both play the tenor saxophone. Sitting comfortably on her shiny new bike, Jenelle says they decided to attend the concert because, “it was a chance to get out and explore, it was better than sitting around doing nothing.” Already these new students have picked up the spontaneity of college life. “We plan on hanging here for a while, then riding around campus,” Patrick said.

7:15 p.m.: The discussion soon moves to the upcoming game with CU. Both are elated to be in the band so that they get in free and don’t have to wait in the enormous line spilling out of the student center. Midway through the discussion Jenelle turns, looks the other way, remaining completely silent in hopes of averting the glance of a male student who tried hitting on her the day before.

7:30 p.m.: Becoming disenchanted with the concert scene, Jenelle and Patrick talk over alternative plans. Patrick pulls a band schedule from his pocket and the two study it for a few moments, after realizing they do not need to be anywhere until 3 p.m. the next day, they conclude that they can afford a night of socialization. They decide to drop by Braiden Hall and visit one of Jenelle’s friends from her high school in Pagosa Springs.

7:45 p.m.: After figuring out the location of Braiden, Jenelle and Patrick ride over, lock up their bikes and prepare themselves to enter yet another new place. Since they cannot enter the call without a key, they call up from Patrick’s cell phone. Surprise, Jenelle’s friend is not home. “Great! What are we going to do now?” asks Jenelle. Soon, the two decide they are hungry and want to find food somewhere. “It sucks not knowing where to go or what to do,” Jenelle said, “but I guess we’ll go check it out because that’s how you learn . . . through trial and error.”

8:00 p.m.: The freshmen decide dorm food would be the best bet for tonight because neither one has a job. They hop back on their bikes and take off for the Durrell Center.

After Jenelle and Patrick arrive outside Durward hall, Jenelle takes a few minutes figuring out how to lock up her bike while Patrick adjusts his clothing and checks his cell for messages. Soon they walk past the wooden benches lined with students biding their time smoking and chatting. A look at the sign posted on the doors reveals to both that “they’re closed Saturday night.”

8:15p.m: The two take “the funny smelling elevator” up to Jenelle’s room in Durward. Dodging other students still moving in cardboard boxes and furniture, the duo makes its way to the fifth floor. After finding out no dorm on campus serves Saturday late night meals, they decide on Subway because it is close, cheap and Jenelle has a card for a free sandwich.

8:30 p.m: Walking the wrong way out of the elevator, Patrick notices a flyer for a cheap Ethernet cable that can be ordered through the dorms. They stop at the front desk to find out more about it. On the way across shields, the two discuss how missing out on campus cuisine is no big loss. “Oh well, dorm food is sucky anyway.” Patrick said. “From now on I’m only eating it when I’m desperate.”

8:45 p.m: Upon entering Subway, Jenelle gets into line and orders while Patrick hangs back a while and calls a couple other friends from band to convince a friend to come and meet them. “Just walk over here you big wuss!” Patrick said “Its like two minutes away and we’ll be here a while.”

9:00 p.m: The students grub down. Inevitably, small talk ensues. Recent high school experiences dominate the conversation.

9:15 p.m: Freshmen Greg Dutro and Ryan Marzec show up and join Jenelle and Patrick. The group tries to remember the location of a party they heard about earlier from an upperclassman in the band.

9:30 p.m: The group decides to first return to Ingersoll Hall so Patrick can run up to his room and Jenelle can check in with another friend from band. During the walk back, a skateboarder passes by the group. Oddly enough this chance happening leads to a discussion on the value of Savers Thrift Department Store. “I’ll bet that board cost more than your furniture” Patrick says jokingly to Ryan, ” I know,” Marzec replies, “I got it for like five bucks and I use it so much. I had like 17 people in my room last night watching office space.”

9:45 p.m: Once inside, the group splits and the guys head up to Patrick’s room while Jenelle heads down another hallway to visit a friend. “I’m glad we’re going out” Jenelle remarked to fellow freshman Sharon Smith, who was methodically curling her hair in preparation for a night out on her own. “I was scared of ending up in my room alone” Sharon said. The boys stop by the room and the group hits the pavement on foot in search of a new social scene.

10:00 p.m: Noise from across the street lures the freshmen and they run rapidly across Shields between oncoming cars from both directions. Fear of entering a strange house unaccompanied and without being invited leaves students standing timidly in the house’s driveway. None of the students partied much in High School. “There was no variation” Jenelle said, “Everybody just got sloppy drunk and there were better things to do.”

10:15 p.m: The group decides to play it safe and try to find the party where there will be people they know and they begin walking south down Shields. ” I can’t believe we actually have the energy to do this after having been up since five,” Patrick said.

10:30 p.m: After hitting the corner of Prospect and Shields the crew hangs a right. A car speeds by and its passengers yell out “Hey Freshmen!” followed by something unintelligible. A few in the group comment that this is the farthest they have ever been from campus.

10:45 p.m: After walking a bit and nearly getting run over by a speeding Jeep, Patrick asks Ryan to call his friend back to confirm the directions. “I think Matt is getting sick of hearing from me, you call!” The call reveals that they should have turned east on Prospect, not west. “You gave us the wrong directions!” Jenelle said sternly to Patrick. The group turns around and begins walking east.

11:00 p.m: “We gotta go down to college and take a right, Holy crap that is far!” one of the group remarks with distain. After being called out from vehicles several times the freshmen decide to yell back at the cars.

11:15 p.m: As the group keeps walking, conversation turns back to hometowns and high school. Greg and Patrick, who attended rival schools back in Albuquerque debate for a while and the conversation progresses from “My school is better! Shut up!” to “Well, I guess both schools had their perks.

11:30 p.m: “Maybe we should just start knocking on random houses and say “Hey! Can we come in and hang out for a while?” Ryan said jokingly in mild frustration after having wandered around for so long with little success. “So…how many of us are going to have vehicles at some point?” Patrick asks the group.

11:45 p.m: “You would think after being in marching band so long we’d be used to walking everywhere.” Patrick remarks tiredly. “I am winded all the time at this elevation,” said Ryan, a Tennessee native. Stories from back home follow. The freshmen briefly debate hitchhiking, “I need better networking skills” Ryan said. “That’s why you’re in college,” replied Patrick, “to learn new things.”

12:00 a.m.: “It is taking us forever to get here” Ryan moaned, “I’m so pissed.” The other students agree “somebody better give us a ride back because I am not walking” Jenelle said. The four ran into another group of students who inquire, “Are you lost?” these new acquaintances provide the exact address and point the freshmen down the correct street.

The freshmen stop at a quiet residential house with the lights on thinking it is the correct house “Seems empty,” Patrick remarks, “maybe we didn’t miss anything and everybody’s already passed out.” They decide it is the wrong house and keep moving.

12:15 a.m.: Finally, they find a party. “I’m never walking again,” Ryan said. “Whose house is this?” Greg asked. The freshmen’s eyes go wide after being greeted by host and told, “I can’t believe you’ve been walking for two hours! If you don’t want to get completely toasted stay away from the juice!”

12:30 a.m.: The freshmen settle in the living room and proceed to watch “The Jackal” in between bursts of getting up to mingle. While the party consisted mostly of music people, Jenelle remarked, ” I didn’t really know anybody here.”

12:45 a.m.: The freshmen continue to mix and mingle, attempt to meet new people amid crowds downstairs and the many kids waiting in line for the bathroom.

1:00 a.m.: “I’m about ready to head out” Patrick said. As the three head out Ryan becomes separated from the group. “I saw him over there, but that was like hours ago,” Patrick said. Greg answered, “I was having fun just talking to people.” Jenelle said, “We didn’t get wasted or anything, we just kind of chilled.” In agreement, Patrick said, “I had a sip but that was it.”

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