Aug 252002
Authors: Helyna Bledsoe

When some students think of the Student Recreation Center, the first thing that pops into their heads is weightlifting or conditioning.

The recreation center is more than a place to shed a few pounds or tone your upper arms, however. It provides special-interest classes as well as classes that enhance life in general.

Students can receive instruction in numerous areas, such as Shiatsu massage, a massage process that relieves stress.

Julie Majkrzak, a civil engineering sophomore, participated in a Shiatsu massage class last year.

“(Shiatsu) helped me be more comfortable with giving people massages and also receiving massages,” Majkrzak said.

Majkrzak said she still uses the techniques she learned in class to give friends soothing back rubs.

Several dancing techniques are also taught at the recreation center. Basic ballroom dancing, swing dance, waltzes, and Latin dance are taught by Diane Montgomery, an instructor with experience in several areas of dance including ballet and contra dance.

Couples can learn how to spice up the dance floor with the merengue and salsa or amuse family members and friends at weddings with the Viennese waltz and polka. Other dance classes available at the recreational center are Introduction to Belly Dancing and Argentine Tango.

Kristal Gephart, a freshman open-option student, is planning on taking a swing or salsa dance class at the recreation center.

“I love to dance,” Gephart said. “The exhibitionists displaying their talents to the CSU students waiting for tickets to the Rocky Mountain Showdown showed so much enthusiasm. It just looked like a lot of fun.”

Aside from dance and massage classes, the recreation center offers outdoor adventure courses for the wildlife fanatic. These courses provide students with the opportunity to learn backpacking skills, outdoor cooking, and map and compass fundamentals. Other outdoors courses embrace the geological side of nature with instruction in rock climbing and ice mountaineering.

For students interested in a mental challenge, different levels of yoga are offered as well as Zen meditation.

Ki-Aikido, a form of karate with emphasis in mental discipline, incorporates numerous aspects such as self-defense, meditation, breathing, and relaxation when facing opponents.

Less physical classes are also available at the recreational center. Music lovers can take basic and advanced guitar classes while visual arts enthusiasts are able to express themselves in Creative Photography.

The student recreation center is available to all full fee paying students. Special interest and lifestyle classes are available for an additional fee. For more information on special activities at the recreation center visit or stop by during center hours.

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