Aug 212002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

A lot went on this summer in music. Many local bands toured around town before heading to Denver and beyond, to the larger venues and bigger crowds with less familiar faces.

Fort Collins has an increasingly rich variety of bands in the local scene. With so many great venues and so many ever-changing people, it is inevitable to find great music no matter where you end up. While I was in Fort Collins this summer I made my way to a few of the venues that Fort Collins has to offer.

In June, I was still anxiously awaiting my 21st birthday and thus made it to only one show at the end of the month, the “Bringin’ the Greens Festival,” for only $5 at Mishawaka. This concert featured the bands Cloud Nine, Giant’s Causeway and Soul Creek. I love this venue. Just up the Poudre Canyon and outdoors, inexpensive and spacious, this is the perfect place to relax, dance, and let loose while listening to terrific local music. Mishawaka also held the “Jam up the Poudre” on July 5th and 6th, which featured 25 Local Bands for merely $10 each day. Although I didn’t make it to that concert due to my off-the-hook birthday party that entire weekend, I’m sure it rocked the canyon.

The next local venue I experienced was Woody’s when I saw T.O.B., a hard punk/rock/metal band who gave me a free T-shirt. I found great live DJ’s at Elliot’s, known for it’s martini’s and chill atmosphere, and was told that they host live acts about once a month. The Teriyaki Wok and Rasta Pasta are two great restaurants that also have fantastic live DJ’s and great atmosphere.

Naturally, I am a hip-hop freak at heart. Every Friday night at 8 this summer in Old Town Square, a few of my friends would drag some linoleum and a boom box and break dance for an hour or two collecting a few dollars in tips, all for the love and the practice. Old Town Square is always a good place to go for entertainment, even if it consists of just people-watching. The outdoor atmosphere was perfect for Joan Osborne last Saturday, and Old Town was more crowded than usual all last weekend due to the “New West Fest” which brought people to Fort Collins from all over the region.

Hip-Hop is alive and well in Fort Collins. Black Sheep and De La Soul tore it up at the Aggie this month while the Beat Junkies promise more of the same in September. Personal favorites DJ Diabolic and Matthew Kays bumped the Aggie last Saturday and were performing all over Fort Collins this summer, so look for upcoming shows featuring them.

Local bands 69 Times, 12 Cents for Marvin, You Call That Art?, and Tempting Fate toured around Fort Collins and Denver with scheduled upcoming shows. Definitely check out 12 Cents for Marvin for FREE this Saturday at the Starlight and Tempting Fate at Rasta Pasta.

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