May 012002

Well, this is it, our last week together. I congratulate all you seniors that have made it this far. It has been a long and exhausting semester, but the end is near. The future is ours, now that we have the knowledge to go places. We can soon look forward to an unstable job market and financial insecurity.

Reach for the stars.

As for those who are not graduating, I have compiled a list of items I will be selling that are no longer a necessity to me. The items to be sold are as follows:

* Slightly used 3-subject notebook,

* Bike with flat tire, missing seat, and U-lock,

* CSU CUPPS cup (for those who remember what they are),

* Chemistry textbook still in wrapper,

* Original artwork by Katie Dugan,

* Backpack with pens, pencils and big pink eraser,

* “A” parking pass (Do not ask how I got it),

* Activated e-ID,

* 2 messy roommates,

* 10-pack Ramen Noodle,

* Autographed photo of Lucas Stanley,

* Telephone with Hot Wok on speed dial,

* Blockbuster card with small fee,

* Marti Gras beads,

* Half-eaten pizza,

* Sonny Lubick bobble head,

* Albert Yates bobble head,

* ASCSU handbook with the first two-weeks filled in,

* Set of 8 Carl’s Jr. cups,

* 24 unused graduation announcements,

* One Liberal Arts degree.

If interested in any of these items, log on to E-bay and make your bid today.

Proceeds go to Ben’s Post-Graduation Survival Fund (a.k.a. graduation celebrations). With that aside, I want to reflect upon some of the great things I will be leaving behind at CSU.

I will miss the “Saved by the Bell” set recreated in the lower level of the Lory Student Center. I will miss the free fliers, Bibles, candy, and ideas handed out on the Plaza. I will miss the formal gowns and halter-tops worn by freshman women. Actually no, I will not miss that. I will miss the teachers, friends and custodial workers who made a difference. I will miss the life of no responsibility. I will miss sharing my thoughts and ideas with my readers every other Thursday.

So for those who will be here next year, here is a little senior advice. No matter how much you try, your senior year will be one of the hardest years in your college career. I remember thinking, “Oh yeah, senior year will be a breeze.”

Boy, was I wrong. As it turns out, you still have to work and go to class your senior year. I thought, by default, I would pass all my classes. Not the case. So when planning your schedule, be realistic. Get the tough stuff don, and remember to go to class. If not, you will pay at midterms.

So goodbye, my beloved CSU. Do not be sad, for I have gone to a better place. Remember the memories and good times we have shared together. I hope I have challenged you to think in ways you have never done before. I hope I made you laugh, cry and hate Wal-Mart.

Drive safe and do not forget to buckle-up. It will be a long journey until we meet again. Remember that college is once in a lifetime.

Live it up.

Your friend,

Arthur Benjamin Sintas, Jr.

P.S. Beat CU!

Ben Sintas has left the building. Have a great summer.

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