Three cheers for CSU

Apr 242002

It sure seems like CSU is being given a lot of negative press coverage lately. Sexual assault after sexual assault, Ram football players getting overlooked at the NFL Draft, Ram football players allegedly raping girlfriends, Ram football players allegedly beating up people, Ram football players-well, you get the point. Not to knock the football team, as we think Lubick’s crew is, on the whole, a classy bunch of guys, but it just seems that CSU has been getting the short end of the respect stick every time you turn on the TV (not that we’re watching TV, seeing how it’s National Turn Your TV Off Week).

But really, our little ol’ Aggie school really isn’t that bad. We’ve got a great campus with ponds, a Frisbee golf course, a damn nice view of the foothills and Rockies, and plenty of trees and grass (though some of the sculptures are enough to boggle even the most brilliant of minds). Overall, we’ve got a pretty reputable and successful facility. We’ve got a great student paper (hey, we’re allowed to be biased in editorials), radio station and TV station (which, again, we’re not watching this week). And no other school in the state, maybe even the nation, can say it has a bar in its student center AND still serves beer at its football games.

And Fort Collins, well, really, what’s not to love? We’ve got it all: a great nightlife scene, fabulous outdoor activities, nice people, small-town charm and big city amenities.

So, while you may be inclined to bash Fort Collins and CSU with all the stuff currently going on, just remember one thing: at least you don’t go to CU.

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