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Have you ever had that friend /_” or maybe not a friend /_” or someone you know who felt it was necessary to throw something in your face just to illicit a negative response?

I had a friend who was a Kansas City Chiefs fan simply because he hates the Denver Broncos /_” a team I grew up watching and have loved my entire life.

The guy was a good friend and I respected his choice for his favorite football team /_” albeit a bad choice /_” but I always hated how he would throw his team in the faces of Broncos fans everywhere he/we went.

I walked on campus Monday and I see a group of the same kind of people equipped with 30-foot tall billboards of aborted fetuses.

I respect these people’s right to believe what they wish and say what they wish, but why throw it in my face? We are not even near an abortion clinic, and yet we are being exposed to the same kind of in your face, disgusting political rhetoric that you see on a smaller scale at your local Planned Parenthood.

I mean, come-on, I just wanted to enjoy a spring day, go to class and learn some empirical political analysis.

I am pro-choice /_” loyally /_” and I disagree and am often disgusted by some of these righteous moral creatures who have nothing better to do than shove their beliefs down other people’s throats.

That is my opinion of these people, but you don’t see a few of my pro-choice friends outside of a church shouting at pro-life folks and shoving their beliefs down their throats.

I think it is wonderful that these folks have something they find passionate, but they need to show some tact.

Do they think that their tactics are going to change people’s minds or reverse Roe v. Wade? You can have your opinions, I will have mine. Speak your mind, but let me have mine.

Colorado Oil?

Environmentalists seem to have been victorious in preserving the refuge in Alaska that has been the target of oil drilling.

Now they want to explore options in the Rocky Mountain Region, including Colorado, which is sure to stir up more controversy.

I consider myself an environmentally friendly person and I advocate doing all that is possible to preserve our planet, but I think some environmentalists are too idealistic in their worldview and close minded to anything that departs from their beliefs.

We need to become less dependant on Middle Eastern oil. I think the government should explore all opportunities to find energy for the country.

However, before we tear up the land we should also enact legislation that cuts down on what we /_” the United States /_” consumes.

More should be done to promote alternative energy sources like the sun. The government should give tax incentives for companies making cars more fuel-efficient. I really like those cars that have half a gas engine and the other half electric.

Both sides need to be open to the middle ground approach and willing to compromise. Good luck, I guess.

Environmental lobbies and oil lobbies are very powerful and have a strangle hold on our two political parties. Because of this, we will never have a middle ground energy policy.

Middle ground politics? I guess I am too idealistic.

Reader Response

I am responding to your April 17 article. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement that art is under appreciated. I feel that if we do not have music, dance, theatre, or visual art to appreciate, then the very joys in life are taken away from us. Granted, science, math and history are very important as well.

As I sit and think about the anger amongst the different cultures around the world, I can always find one thing that unites all of mankind: music. The other fine arts may be applied this way as well. Is it not the arts that help to define a culture? When we study the history of a culture, do we not study the art and architecture?

As stated in the movie “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “without the arts, students will not have anything to read and write about.”

It is a comfort to know that someone outside of the department of Music, Theatre and Dance feels that the arts are essential for mankind to fully enjoy life.

Christy Wiencko, sophomore music education major.

Thank you, Christy.

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