Apr 172002
Authors: Rachel Spannuth

Three local Fort Collins residents have taken it upon themselves to bring a new, fresh sound of music to town.

Jason Szabo, Dakota Fara and Joshua Carruthers have formed the music promotion company Szango Productions.

The company actually began when Szabo began promoting music in Washington, D.C. After working with Tim Walthar, a man who promotes shows throughout the East Coast, he decided to take his experience and enhance the music scene in Colorado.

Szabo met Fara and Carruthers shortly after moving to Fort Collins, where the three formed a Limited Liability Corporation.

The group has promoted some small parties around town at Suite 152 and the Teriyaki Wok. They are currently preparing for their large-scale shows that are coming this summer, such as a show bringing George’s August Brew, Dip Soy Groove and guests to the Mishawaka May 31.

Szango Productions also has plans for electronic shows throughout Colorado. They have already brought DJ Belou and DJ Billy Big Bud, among others, to Fort Collins and are currently talking about bringing in Sasha Digweed and other national DJs.

Szabo also supports the local electronic music scene with his studio, where he makes it possible for DJs to come in and record demos.

They plan to bring national talent musicians to enhance the local talent they also want to support.

The company has been successful so far, according to all three partners. They haven’t lost money, a big step for a new company in a market already flooded with competition.

What makes Szango Productions different from the several other production and promotion companies in town and around the state?

“We are our target demographic,” Szabo said. The members range in ages from 19 to 22, and each have been to more than 100 concerts each. “We aren’t a bunch of old men trying to make money off of this. We’re doing this for the bands.”

They are accomplishing this through their personal connections and competitive pricing of events, for which they are charging the minimum prices for tickets.

The three partners have managed to have a successful start due to their fractioning of responsibilities. Szabo is in charge of recruiting the talent and contracting the shows. Fara takes on the responsibility of distribution, hospitality and the financial aspects. Carruthers is responsible for marketing, advertising and promotions through newspapers and magazines.

The company has a contract to promote shows at a new venue called Rhythms, which will be located at 334 E. Mountain Ave. and will open in June. Upcoming shows there include the Tony Rice Unit and John Scofield. They are also planning Israel Vibrations and Culture at the Mishawaka.

The company does not have a bias to the genre of music they will promote. They just want to promote music with a positive message. They have contacts with bands that range from reggae to underground hip hop to electronic to bluegrass.

“We’re not holding down to one venue or city. We want to run the Front Range and eventually go nationwide,” Carruthers said.

The partners of Szango Productions are very confident in their ability to succeed in bringing shows and selling them to the public.

“We will bring the talent that will sell out the venue,” Szabo said. n

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