Double standard

Apr 102002
Authors: Jessica Niesewand

To the editor:

Despite running the risk of “throwing” anything in Zeb Carabello’s face, I feel compelled to respond to his Tuesday editorial regarding his views on homosexuality (“Being gay is OK, but let’s take it one step at a time”). Let me state up front that I have no problem with Mr. Carabello not being comfortable with seeing two men kissing. (I, myself, shudder at the thought of the people who appear on “Jerry Springer” procreating.)

What I do take issue with is Mr. Carabello’s apparent perceptions of the effrontery of such actions. The only example that Mr. Carabello chooses to cite in his piece is an example from “The Real World.” I find it interesting that he finds this an example of “in [his] face.” Mr. Carabello, these men are not in your face, they are in your television, and you allow them to be there by choosing to watch. They did not set out to make you uncomfortable with their affections, which, although televised, did occur in a private home. I do not feel that another of “The Real World’s” cast member’s efforts to shag half of Chicago is meant to offend me, despite my thinking that her actions are disrespectful to herself. She doesn’t know that I don’t like it, and even if she did, why should she care?

Mr. Carabello uses the term “aggressive behavior,” yet provides a poor example. He himself states that he has no issue with two women performing the same act.

Apparently, these women have grasped that their affection is appropriate. Mr. Carabello is hardly in the minority (he seems to be a prime example of the American male college student), so perhaps he doesn’t understand the desires of “less than five percent of the population.” However, that does not mean that those desires are an intent to disrespect him. If MTV’s programming choices are proving to be too acrimonious for him, perhaps he should stick to more mundane fare like “Teletubbies”- unless the idea of a man in a fuzzy purple suit carrying a purse proves too much for his delicate sensibilities.

Jessica Niesewand, Masters Candidate


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