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Sex is fun.

There’s got to be a reason behind all this overpopulation.

Seriously, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been seeing a lot of sex recently, especially on TV. Between Dr. Larry Bloom’s PY228 class (which I recommend) and HBO After Dark, there’s a lot of sex going around out there.

Sex even permeates broadcast TV now – it’s not limited to cable anymore.

Ever watch “Friends?” “Days of Our Lives?” Hell, ever watch the nightly news? The “Fleecing of America” is taking on an entirely new meaning.

Remember that Paula Zahn ad on CNN that created such rancor, the one about how “sexy” she was? Well, there’s one about Chris Matthews now, and it basically talks about how un-sexy he is. You know what? Who honestly gives a rat’s rear end? I certainly don’t watch Chris Matthews for his sex appeal. I don’t watch Paula for that reason, either.

So what is up with all this sex talk?

Ironically, some of the best sex content on television these days comes in the form of 30-second commercials, perhaps in homage to reality TV.

There are a couple I’ve seen recently that sparked my, um, attention.

In an ad for TiVo, that neat-o TV recorder-thing, a man is heard narrating in front of a closed bedroom door. Shortly thereafter, a guy emerges, obviously preoccupied. “Sorry,” he says, “My wife and I are, you know, perfect timing, perfect temperature.”

The narrator tells him about the wondrousness of TiVo, which meant he could have taped his all-important sporting event and watched it later, after sex.

How is any of that connected? Sex and TiVo? OK.

And then there’s the DirecTV commercial with a couple having some foreplay fun until the satellite dish installation man comes to the door. He convinces the guy to let him in because of his super-fantastic bargain and the next shot is of the frustrated guy, on the couch, with a pillow over his lap area.

The point, one would assume, is to make me desire a DirecTV satellite system. In that commercial, however, the girl seems much more satisfied talking to the installation man about her 130 stations. Hmm-

None of this is bad; in fact, it’s hilarious. The more sex, the better for all of us. I just don’t understand the point.

Welcome to 1986

A Bush is in the White House with Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Don Rumsfeld in the Cabinet.

ALF, everyone’s favorite alien, is doing TV commercials. What, in God’s name, was Terry Bradshaw thinking?

E.T. is making big bucks at the box office. Kylie Minogue has a hit song.

The Buffalo Bills, Chicago Cubs and New York Mets suck. The Yankees don’t.

I want my MTV, McDonalds and L.A. Gear. Capri pants/clamdiggers are in. Huge sunglasses are all the rage. “Cheers” is on TV on weeknights, along with “The Cosby Show.”

I saw a kid wearing a “Fat Albert” T-shirt on campus yesterday.

I could go on and on. I won’t.

What decade is this?

Becky is a junior studying journalism and history.

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