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Apr 032002
Authors: Rachel Spannuth

The Santa Barbara-based punk band, the Mad Caddies, have mastered a unique combination of horns, reggae, Dixieland, surf and punk sounds.

The Mad Caddies have only been around for six years, but have developed quite a following. They began playing together in the early 90s as a band called Ivy League, but changed their name in 1996 after discovering another band with the same name. They played Saturday at the Ogden with NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb and Fabulous Disaster to a sold-out crowd.

Each member of the band is relatively young, with nearly everyone in their early to mid-twenties. The drummer is the oldest, nearly 30 years old.

The band has progressed from their debut album, “Quality Softcore,” and even more since the days of Ivy League, when they had a more ska and reggae sound. The band has naturally evolved to more of a punk-driven sound, which is evident in their album “Rock the Plank.” This was due, according to Sascha Lazor, the group’s guitarist and occasional banjo player, to the influences of former guitarist Carter. Carter recently left the band to pursue some business and musical ventures of his own.

The Mad Caddies consist of Lazor, Chuck Robertson (vocals), Keith Douglas (trumpet/vocals), Mark (bass), Brian Mann (accordian), Ed Hernandez (trombone) and Daniel “Boz” Rivera (drums).

The members grew up together, for the most part, according to Lazor, in a small suburb of Santa Barbara, a small Danish tourist town called Solvang.

The band is currently working on their next album and taking the summer off to record it. The album, unnamed as of yet, is due out in the fall. Their latest album, “Rock the Plank,” was released late last year.

“Rock the Plank” signaled the emergence of Pirate Core, something that the drummer Todd thought of while pondering life. He compared the life of a touring band to that of a pirate. Both moved from place to place, squandering the city where they landed, only to move on to another city shortly after. That analogy led to a style of music for one song, “Mary Melody” and caught the attention of their listeners.

The band reached a large audience through their appearance on 1998 and 2000’s Warped Tours.

Recently, the band was voted by KCSU listeners of the punk show “Raw Corruption” to be the drunkest live band. The Mad Caddies live up to their title and have entertaining stage shows due to levels of intoxication.

The Mad Caddies are a band that has not forgotten how fun live shows can be, incorporating great sounding music and messages into a format that has captured the attention of many punk rock listeners. n

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