Mar 272002
Authors: Rachel Spunnuth

Melodic guitars and heartbreaking vocals stream out of Further Seems Forever’s sophomore album, “The Moon is Down.”

The Florida-based band is made up of Joshua Colbert and Nick Dominguez (guitars), Jason Gleason (vocals), Chad Neptune (bass) and Steve Kleisath (drums).

The album is the band’s debut with Tooth and Nail Records, and is the final album with Chris Carrabba (vocals), who left the band to pursue his side project, Dashboard Confessional. Gleason replaced Carrabba.

The band was viewed with some confusion with its decision on the Tooth and Nail record label, since it is known for its signing and distribution of Christian bands. The band thanks God in its liner notes, but makes no other references in their music.

Colbert, Neptune and Kleisath came together before Further Seems Forever in a hardcore band called Strongarm. The hardcore influences are felt strongest in the title track and “The Bradley.”

Carrabba’s lilting voice leads to ballad-esque elements in many of the songs, but the strong presence of guitars and drum lines draw a distinction between this band and Carrabba’s new band.

The lyrics of the album are filled with emotion and simple messages. The track “New Year’s Project,” discusses the opportunities a new year will bring to a relationship. Following in the tradition of emo rock, the songs tend to center around relationships and feelings of love.

“Just Until Sundown” is a song with a strong emphasis on the longing an ending relationship brings.

“Just one more second and we’ll be just fine. This could be the last time,” ends the chorus, bringing pain to the heart of the teenage audience the band tends to attract.

Further Seems Forever is currently on tour with Hot Rod Circuit and Thrice and visited Denver earlier in the month. n

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