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Mar 272002

College of Natural Sciences

Courtney Cage

Enthusiasm and hard work are two of my strongest qualities! The College of Natural Sciences needs a senator who is willing to create and incorporate policies that both promote and benefit the College of Natural Sciences as well as CSU. I am committing myself to represent all of the students of the College of Natural Sciences by expressing their concerns and desires as a whole to our student government.

Some of my leadership qualifications have been developed through numerous organizations which include: Personal Relations Chair for Interact Club, Respect Facilitator, member of the Youth Advisory Board, Fundraising Chair for Panhellenic, Junior Council Delegate, and member of the National Forensics League. I am a hard working, enthusiastic candidate who wants to make a difference. Together, we can become an inspirational and impacting force at CSU.

Kira DeBell

My name is Kira DeBell and I am a third year psychology student pursuing dentistry. I’ve been actively involved in several student organizations, including serving as president of the Pre-Dental Club, working as a peer mentor for the Honors Program, and tutoring for the College of Natural Sciences. I feel it is time for me to step up and deal with the challenges our college and university are facing instead of sitting back and wondering what ASCSU is up to. Many students feel disconnected from our student government, as evidenced by some recent Collegian editorials. I have felt the same way in the past. My greatest contribution would be to facilitate discussion between ASCSU and the general student body. As an upcoming senior, I have a lot of experience in leadership positions making me a good liaison between the College of Natural Sciences and ASCSU. Thank you for your time.

Jason Huitt

My name is Jason Huitt, and I want to be your senator. I have been involved in ASCSU for over a year now in one form or another, and I am currently representing our college after being appointed last semester. While here, I have worked on a wide range of important issues: student fees, campus programming, election rules and write-in candidates. I am also involved in several key committees: Parking Services, Lory Student Center Governing Board and the ASCSU Academics Committee. More importantly, I have been involved in the Natural Sciences College Council all year long working to ensure that your technology fee dollars are being used appropriately. Above all, I enjoy this work. I’m not in this for a resume, political gain or anything more than the fun and enjoyment of working hard to represent Natural Sciences students. Thanks for your support!

Bonnie Page

A member of senate should be one with an understanding of CSU and its student body. As a junior, having attended CSU for three years, I feel I am qualified for the position. I have also had an opportunity to work with the community in many ways and feel I could bring diverse experiences to the governing board of ASCSU. Ultimately, if I were to be elected senator, I would hope to become a member of the Student Funding Board. I believe that my experiences on campus would allow me to allocate funds to benefit the greatest number of CSU students.

Natalie Schilling

I am running for this position in ASCSU in order to better our university. I am currently a senator in the Residence Hall Association representing Corbett Hall, and I serve as the Programming Activities Council liaison to RHA. As of now, I am the voice of 912 students and am ready to become one of the voices of the College of Natural Sciences. I plan to use my office hours effectively to hear all students’ opinions and to reach out to student organizations that feel underrepresented. I am also a member of the Psychology Student Alliance, which is a start in filling the communication gap between student organizations and ASCSU. Exercise your right to vote for a candidate that has already proven her commitment to our university by giving an ample amount of time and effort. Vote Natalie Schilling for Senator, College of Natural Sciences.

College of Natural Resources

Matthew L. Bates

My name is Matthew Bates and I am running for senator of the College of Natural Resources. I am a junior, transfer student and have been attending CSU for three semesters. I am qualified for several reasons. I served as an officer in different organizations at Front Range Community College. I was the vice president of Phi Theta Kappa, a National Honor Society, for two of my college years. I was nominated to Who’s Who in junior American Colleges, was on the National Dean’s List, was nominated for the All USA Academic Team and was on the All Colorado Academic Team. My continuing involvement at CSU includes the Undergraduate Advisory Committee for my college, being active in Xi Sigma Pi, the honor society for Natural Resources, and being a member of NAI, the National Association of Interpretation. But my major qualification is that I am currently serving as a senator for the College of Natural Resources.

Kyle Bemis

With my campaign, I plan on targeting three main concepts: senate student relations, senate efficiency, and use the senate to help improve my college. In my opinion the current senate/student relationship is inadequate. If elected, I would keep the student body informed through multiple mediums, as well as being open minded to students’ opinions. The current senate efficiency is objectionable, senators need to learn what should be brought up and discussed during meetings. I would be an individual in senate that is of stable mind and one who will represent the College of NR properly and effectively. Lastly, I plan to expose the underlying power of the NR College. The past semester at the NR College was not even fully represented, I would never let this happen, once elected I would stand by the students and symbolize the ideals of a leader.

Jennifer Perrin

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Jen Perrin, a currently enrolled junior in the College of Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism. I have chosen to have a “paperless” campaign, we are in CNR and our college already uses more paper than any other college in the University at the moment. If I were to be elected as one of your senators for Fall ’02, I would try cut back on all this paper waste. Also, I would plan to reduce excess student fees. My goals should I be elected are to be a voice for the NR students and help to change policy throughout the year. I am uniquely qualified for this position in that I was part of RHA my freshman year as the secretary for Edwards and Ingersoll, and have worked for both Massachusetts PIRG and the SIERRA Club. Vote for Jen Perrin. Questions? Contact

Britta Schroeder

My name is Britta Schroeder and I’m running for senator of the Natural Resource College. Listening to students on this campus and in my college, many feel that the environmental practices on this campus are unsatisfactory. In order to fix this problem, I will work with administration to determine where our campus stands now and to see what changes could be made. Another issue I will work on is to increase communication between student organizations and ASCSU. While I have leadership experience, I’m still hopeful enough to believe that I could enable students to make a difference on this campus and the community. I also belong to various groups, which all have different voices that I can relay to ASCSU. My goals in office would be to make a positive difference and not only to listen to the students’ voice, but help other students find a voice.

Sean Slagle

Centralization of power is the number one threat to natural resources today. As the power moves from the trail level bureaucrat, to our elected leaders, our natural wonders face increasing political threats that are only solved using satisficial policies. In order to put the power back in the hands of the workers, we as a college need to do the following: empower students to effect policy changes in our school and community; use political and socioeconomic tools to fight budgetary cutbacks; and learn to play economic and political games, so that environmental sustainability can become a reality. As a member of the Natural Resources Workforce for the past eight years, as a major in recreation and tourism, and with minors in rangeland ecology and political science, and as a third generation Park Employee, I will fight to create the ideal context for our vision of Natural Resources to be written.

College of Agriculture

Alison Hunziker

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Alison Hunziker. I am a junior, an animal science major within the College of Agriculture. My ultimate goal is to have my own large breeding operation. As a senator, I will have one main goal. That goal is to get the College of Agriculture more recognition. To achieve this I will communicate to and be involved with Ag Council and other Ag organizations. Another thing I will do is talk to the faculty and staff. I will be able to find out what is going on with the administration of the College. Also, I will do talk to CSU administration and stress the importance of the College of Ag to the University as a whole. With open communication I will be able to let ASCSU and the College of Ag know what is going on with the other.

Neil Sanders

You should elect me as a senator because I have been involved in and loved agriculture all of my life. I am very passionate about sustaining agriculture and educating the consumer on the origination of their food. I look forward to being given the opportunity to be a voice for the College of Agriculture. I am qualified for this position because of the experiences I have had while at CSU. I have been the president of FarmHouse Fraternity, scribe and treasurer for Alpha Zeta, a CAM handler, and Army ROTC as well as involvement in several other organizations. My leadership and group affiliations have afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively and meet people from other universities. By exchanging ideas at leadership conferences, I have been exposed to a large variation of leadership styles and problems that students and whole colleges face at their universities, as well as solutions to those problems.

Tim Ulrich

Students in the College of Ag Sciences, allow me first of all to sincerely say thank you for allowing me to serve you over the past year as your ASCSU Senator. It has been a great year, and I hope you can see the benefits of our hard work. I come to you again this year seeking re-election as I wish to further the work I have started in ASCSU and the College of Ag Sciences. Over the past year, I have been a very dedicated and hard-working member of the legislature and have had the opportunity to serve on Student Funding Board as well. I feel that we really served the students well by helping to fund and support numerous student programs that are to the benefit of all members of the CSU community. Please consider me when you vote, as the incumbent candidate. I want to work for you!

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