Mar 182002

The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced plans to put $200,000 towards pay raises for female faculty members in an effort to reach gender equity. The raises came as an effect of studies in 1992, 1995, 1998 and 2000 that showed unexplainable differences in the pay between male and female faculty members.

Does CSU have such a disparity? Well, the truth is we don’t quite know. Right now gender equity is handled primarily at the department level where each department is asked to look through salaries and point out any discrepancies.

Some say that CSU still has a lot more work ahead to reach gender equity; others say that the amount of qualified female candidates makes it almost impossible for gender equity to actually occur. We just wish CSU could have some concrete answers. CSU should have a gender equity study.

The truth is that without a university-wide study we don’t know how many hurdles CSU has to overcome as to gender equity, or, for that matter, how far we have come. As more and more females increase their education (currently there are more females enrolled in colleges and universities across the nation) gender equity will become even more of an issue.

We are not condoning, by any means, the use of quotas or unfair treatment toward men. However, if a study were completed it could show whether any of these practices actually occurred.

Right now there are a lot of rumors floating around this university as to gender equity. We think it’s time for those rumors to be replaced with facts. CSU should start measuring these possible discrepancies so we can know what problems still need to be fixed and also find out much we’ve accomplished.

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