Feb 282002
Authors: scott wilkinson

The political correctness movement has finally gone too far.

I thought it was no big deal-a passing fetish if you will. Just one more pursuit of the disenfranchised political activist, one to be followed than dropped.

I guess I was wrong.

The fact struck me while at church a couple Sundays ago, probably an odd place to have a revelation about political correctness.

The situation was made clear during the congregation’s recital of the Nicene Creed.

Ever since I can remember attending church, the congregation has said the Nicene Creed. It’s a standard part of a Catholic mass.

Ever since I can remember, there was one passage of the creed that went “for us men and for our salvation.”

That Sunday, I realized that everyone was saying “for us and for our salvation.”

Sometime between the age when continuous weekly repetition cemented the creed in my head and now, the church had removed the word “men” from the creed.


Who could possibly be offended by the use of the word “men” in a translation taken as literally as possible from its original language?

Probably the same people who claim offense at the words mankind, fireman, policeman and any other profession with the word “man” behind it.

Why fight something as simple as common use of the English language? It’s not like any of the terms are used in a degrading manner.

The answer was very clearly explained to me by my composition teacher during my freshman year here at CSU.

She took exception to my use of the word “mankind” in my term paper. Her argument was that words like “mankind” in our language have the effect of unwittingly socializing their speakers to believe that women are inferior to men.

I disagreed.

My belief is that we shouldn’t cater to the lowest common denominator amongst us. Naturally, there will always be the occasional moron who believes men to be superior to women in every respect. Unfortunately, the gene pool has no lifeguards to keep these people out.

The rest of us, eager to assess our IQ as something slightly higher that of a rock, have learned from experience that women are every bit men’s equal and in many cases his better.

Let’s be honest here, women are every bit as intelligent as men, every bit as motivated and every bit as capable. The only real difference is that men are more capable of adding body mass-and women are better looking.

Yet, despite all the progress our county has made toward equality-there is injustice, a glass ceiling, and a double standard when it comes to men and women. The only thing that can change those is time, and women who consistently prove the stereotype wrong. Take Carly Fiorina, the CEO of Hewlett Packard-a female CEO who has shattered the glass ceiling in her version of corporate America.

Is political correctness and degendering the English language going to create women like Fiorina?

Never. Likewise, we can’t legislate morality and intelligence into an ignorant and prejudicial public.

So what is history got it wrong. The definition of man, as short for human, should revolve around those qualities that separate us from the animals. Conscious thought, reason, ambition, goals and perceptions.

A woman like Fiorina got where she is by using those things that make us all men, and using them better than many male members of the species.

I read someplace that “all men are created equal.”

Anyone foolish enough to think otherwise lives in constant denial of his or her own reality.

Scott Wilkinson is a senior majoring in civil engineering.

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