Jan 302002

This heartbreaking drama illustrates how family misfortune and unforeseen murder originates “In the Bedroom.”

An innocuous summer romance turns deadly, leaving Matt and Ruth Fowler (Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek) without the one thing they shared in common – their only son, Frank Fowler (Nick Stahl).

Marisa Tomei portrays Natalie, Frank Fowler’s girlfriend and a mother of two, searching for a new life withdrawn from her vehement (not quite) ex-husband Richard Strout (William Mapother).

Maine’s dark, choppy waters and scornful, gray skies set the dismal tone for the film. “In the Bedroom” illustrates the unfortunate loss of a child and the strength to overcome the tension and blame that follow thereafter.

Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek impeccably deliver the role of a couple torn apart by murder and bitterness. The Fowlers’ misery envelops their lives and darkens each scene as it becomes inescapable – even for the viewers.

Director Todd Field’s “In the Bedroom” deserves attention because of the message it delivers without all of the distractions. Silence says more than any words or actions in the film. Its simplicity creates depth and emotion resulting in an unanticipated and shocking ending. n

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