Furtado returns

Jan 302002

Tony Furtado and his talented entourage of band members are scheduled for a live-recorded show Saturday at the Starlight.

Some may recognize the Tony Furtado Band by their unique psychedelic bluegrass that is sometimes masked with funk, jazz, blues, Cajun, Celtic and Latin influences; if you haven’t seen or heard of them before, you are selling yourself short of one of the most rare and enchanting musical performances to come around Fort Collins.

With Gawain Matthews on electric guitar and vocals, Myron Dove on the five string electric bass, acoustic bass, and vocals, Aaron Johnston on drums and percussion, and Tony Furtado on the acoustic slide guitar, banjo, resoelectric guitar, drobo banjo and vocals, this assembly of gifted artists evoke a spiritual connection between the human soul and their ostentatious performance.

“The Tony Furtado Band puts on an awesome show; the way Furtado jams on the banjo with an electric twist takes bluegrass to a new level,” CSU student Sam Wardell said.

The latest CD from the group, “Cojema Music,” is a tantalizing peek at the seasoned manifestation of contemporary bluegrass to be heard this Saturday. On the reverse of their vivacious, high energy tracks, are songs like “False Hearted Lover (with Kelly Joe Phelps),” “Hazel Comes Home” and “Raleigh and Spencer,” in which the band coos enchanting lullabies like serene intermissions from the sounds in which you just can’t stop moving your feet.

“The Tony Furtado Band is quintessential music for studying because it provides mellow background tunes that help me concentrate on my work,” CSU student Jess Murphy said.

Tickets for the show on Feb. 2 are on sale at ABCD’s (157 N. College Avenue). n

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