Students: get to work

Jan 282002

Seniors graduating this May came into college in a time with a booming economy, job prospects everywhere and opportunities galore. Now, with the current recession, many employers are hiring less, internship programs are being cut and finding a job seems to be harder than it ever was.

Anyone scared yet?

Maybe you should be.

Getting a job won’t be as easy for us as it was for our predecessors. You can’t expect to miraculously get hired the week after you graduate. So here’s our advice to you – start looking now.

Start querying prospective employers. Go to the CSU Career Center. Perfect your resume. In short – get ready. If you’re not graduating yet, it’s never too early to beef up your resume. Find internships now to get real world experience and find out exactly what kind of skills employers want in the future so you have time to polish your skills.

Unfortunately, CSU does not guarantee jobs along with a diploma. We can’t rely on the university to place us with the career we’ve always wanted. Just because you graduate doesn’t mean somebody is sitting around waiting to hire you. Now, more than ever, students need to be proactive in finding their career.

While there are resources out there to help you find a position, you’re still ultimately on your own when it comes down to finding your future career. It is up to you to make the first move and find out what is available. We can’t just sit around and hope a professor will make the announcement in class.

Here’s where to go: the CSU Career Center is the expert on helping you find a job. The center’s staff help coordinate the career fair every semester, and they know where and how to look to find a job. Also, start asking around your department and college. Some departments have internship coordinators and, at the very least, your professors probably know first-hand what it takes to find a job in your field. Go suck their brains – that’s what they’re there for.

The job prospects right now aren’t the greatest, but that doesn’t mean we should get scared – it just requires that we work harder to find the job we’re looking for.

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