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Authors: Rachel Spannuth

Sucker has seen the world – or, at least the Western Hemisphere.

The band Sucker spent last year touring throughout the United States and Central America, focusing on California and Costa Rica. The group, who lives in Boulder, stopped the tour due to the loss of their bassist, Sid Greenbud. Sucker has since replaced Greenbud with Aaron Snyder and added a keyboardist, Steve Vidiac, both from Open Air Ensemble.

Sucker’s sound is a fusion of each individual member’s influences. The strongest influences come from Sublime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley, Bootsy Collins, Santana and Rage Against the Machine. The lead singer, Scott Stoughton, spills high-energy lyrics in a union of melody and rap. The drummer, Aaron Ficca, also freestyles on songs, while Snyder and guitarist Rodney Coquia provide harmonies.

Sucker aims to create a vibe that fills the crowd of any venue.

“We love music so much, and just want to spread that feeling to everyone out there. That’s what the music is really about for us,” Stoughton said.

Stoughton moved to Colorado from New Jersey and started a band called Short Term Memory, which was very successful in Vail. He then moved to Los Angeles in an attempt to further his musical career, which failed. Stoughton ended up working in a warehouse, which spawned the name for his current band.

“It was in Compton and it was the size of 10 football fields. I spent every hellish day trying to locate tiny computer parts which were ‘filed’ in endless corridors, 20 or 30 feet in the air,” Stoughton said. “I would spend hours up on high ladders searching, finally find the part, and then spend the rest of the day walking back to the computer to enter the inventory number. I would go home every night with my take-home pay of $4 an hour and scrape the coins out of the bottom of my pocket for food. I couldn’t help but think, ‘I am a sucker. I came here to make music, and here I am, a sucker.'”

The members of the group frequently sit in with other bands, most notably Stoughton with Leftover Salmon. n

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